Ahh, yes, the “About me” page… because eryone wants to know more about myself. Whose to blame, I would too (if I wasn’t myself of course). …

Okay, I’m kidding, and all joking aside, I’m just a young kid who was pushed onto a path of a well beaten road known as self-discovery. An unfortunate event took place at a concert (NiT GriT and Two Fresh) last February in which I unknowingly and accidentally ingested a strong deliriant. Shortly after, I was lead to have symptoms that I never before had experienced, such as anxiety and emotional sensitivity, visual ‘disturbances’, and an increase in my already present eye floaters and visual snow phenomenon. That’s just the start of them, too, but we’ll keep the list concise for now…How’s that for open and up front?

This single event (along with financial difficulties and familial troubles) lead me down a path of true self-education. I was always a curious individual, open-minded, and rather abstract. I also had quite the intuition. All of this mixed with a bit of luck and some internet resources lead me to the world of health and nutrition. I learned about whole-foods diets, organic and local foods, the dangers of compounds such as aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG), and about meditation, lucid dreaming, and astral projection. I ended up falling in love and engaging a relationship with my best friend, and I started experimenting with my diet to ‘cure myself.’ I stopped consuming all processed and fast foods long before hand, but now I jumped on the whole organic bandwagon, drank tons of green tea, ate flaxseed bread, and eventually experimented with vegetarianism and an “almost-vegan” diet (Phewwww, I can already hear you now, “there’s no such thing as an ‘almost-vegan diet’ ya bastard!” lol). I then found out about Weston A Price, paleo and primal diets, and the quantified self community. I subscribed to the blogs of Timothy Ferriss and Dave Asprey and learned about ‘bio-hacking’. My life was changed forever.

I started self-educating alongside my ‘schooling’ – I joined classes through Coursera to earn additional credits and increase my ‘credentials’ and knowledge. As of now, I’m working towards my associates degree in Psychology and hoping to pay for and attend some CHEK Institute seminars and become an HLC Level 1 practitioner. I’m continuing personal research on my own problems that I hypothesize will be soon rid with dietary changes, supplementation, and tDCS. I’m also researching illnesses that plague my younger brother while looking for a path to enough income to start up my life with my fiance.

That’s about it for now. To take the words from someones mouth whom I greatly respect (Tim Ferriss), I want to love, be loved, and never stop learning. I wish to bring my readers on a journey to socialize, communicate, and support (love and be loved), and to share and spread knowledge (never stop learning).


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